6 Must-Brings For a Beach Trip

6 Must-Brings For a Beach Trip

People often get excited once they decide to go to the beach. However, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion when thinking about what to bring. You may wish to read further if you are currently in a dilemma.


An average adult has to drink eight glasses of water every day, doctors recommend. However, this only applies to a typical environment, not a beach resort. Thus, you may have to bring with you a gallon or two, and maybe a few more water bottles. That way you can avoid experiencing dehydration during your trip.

Quality Sunscreen

Often, even though you never forget to bring a sunscreen, you notice that your skin still gets burnt by the end of your beach trip. Now, that is a lesson learned for you, since your sunscreen may be of low-quality. Next time, bring a better SPF that suits you to avoid experiencing sunburn.

Extra Clothes

No one particularly enjoys going home with wet clothes, thus, you would like to bring a few extra clothes. Plus, it is much comfortable when you are dry compared to when you are wet. Nothing is more relaxing than ending your beach day wearing dry clothes.

Large Towels

A large towel can do a lot of things for you, such as helping you dry off and brushing off any sticky sand. Furthermore, it is much more compact than a blanket, so you will not have to bother with carrying around something heavy. Lastly, ensure that the towels are large enough to absorb lots of moisture as you do not want to be stuck with being wet.

Beach Chairs

When you get tired, nothing can be more comfortable than a beach chair. With them, you can take a break and enjoy the beach environment around you. If you need to purchase some high-quality beach chairs, then check out http://www.beachchairsguy.com/tommy-bahama-backpack-chair-review/ to select only the best. For someone who enjoys staying still, the chair is their best friend. 

First Aid Kit

Anything can happen during a beach trip, so it is best that you carry a first aid kit with you. For example, you can get your skin scrapped along rocks or stung by a jellyfish. Thus, it is quite helpful that you have the tools you need to treat such injuries. 


Although deciding what to bring to the beach can be somewhat confusing, there are a few must-brings that you cannot forget. These include water, quality sunscreen, extra clothes, large towels, beach chairs, and a first aid kit.

Lawn Mowing Best Practices

You might have the best tools, have the time to tend to your lawn and still end up with a poor show. To avoid this, let us look at the best practices for efficient mowing so that you achieve a lawn that not only stands out but contributes to the elusive curb appeal.

Know When to Mow

To have a thriving lawn, you need to know the frequency of mowing your lawn. You need to mow once every 4 – 7 days depending on the rate of growth of the grass. The weather also comes into play, so try mowing the lawn during the spring. When possible, take out your lawnmower when the condition is dry. The blades cut better when the blades of the grass are upright, which is possible during dry conditions.

The frequency depends on the height of the grass. Make sure you keep the height of your lawn between 2.5 and 3.0 inches. You also need to understand the rule of thirds. The rule stipulates that you shouldn’t remove more than a third of the blade of the grass during each cutting. Cutting off more than a third of the grass can cause stress to the grass and make it weaken, even die off.

Keep the Blade Sharp

A sharp blade makes the mowing process easy and fast. When mowing, make sure the cutting edge is sharp. This gives you a neat cut without the need to make many passes. A clean cut also minimizes damage to the plant. It is advisable to sharpen the lawn mower blades at least twice every season. Read the user manual to understand where the blades are located and how best to sharpen them.

Keep Your Mower in Great Shape

Make sure the mower is in top condition all the time. This will make it easy on your hands and shoulders and assure you of a successful mowing in future. Make sure you oil the moving parts and replace any worn out parts. You can replace an obsolete mower with a new model from the manufacturer or a related site.

The Bottomline

Tools and enough time won’t give you the lawn that can upgrade your home from drab to fabulous. You need to know the top best practices so that you can end up with the best results in just a few passes. Make sure you know the right time to mow, have a sharp blade always and the right mower.


Build Muscles With Different Types of Proteins Supplements

Protein powders are a popular dietary supplement, particularly among athletes. After all, attaining so much protein in a single day through the intake of real food is quite difficult. With these different types of proteins, you can consume your daily needs.

Whey Protein

The most popular type of protein supplement, namely whey, comes from milk. The relatively fast absorption time makes whey protein desirable among athletes, particularly bodybuilders. Furthermore, whey has plenty of branched-chain amino acids, lactose, as well as vitamins and minerals. Also, it increases protein synthesis, further boosting its count in the body. Lastly, its isolate form is 90 percent protein and only has negligible fat and lactose content.

However, it is not effective at decreasing protein degradation, which means it is only a quick source of protein that does not maintain itself until you consume whey again. Thus, it is best to drink either before or after a workout session. Also, it may speed up your digestion, causing diarrheal side effects.

Casein Protein

Casein, which also comes from milk, is another common protein used for shakes. Unlike whey, casein takes longer to digest which means that it slowly releases proteins that decrease degradation. Also, it clots in the stomach, making you feel full and slowing down digestive processes. That way, it would take you long before you have to go to the toilet. Lastly, it also contains animal calcium, which is healthy for your bones and body composition.

One disadvantage of casein is its high lactose content, which may be troublesome for those who are intolerant. Another is that the slow digestion may not suffice as a post-workout protein supplement. Also, casein has high sodium content, which may cause bloating for some users. Thus, casein is more suitable as a mealtime and bedtime supplement, rather than a pre- and post-workout like whey.

Soy Protein

Unlike whey and casein, soy protein comes from plants. Perhaps, soy protein shakes are the only major protein sources accessible to vegans. Its main advantage over whey and casein is its high antioxidant properties. Thus, it helps you fight against aging and cell damage. Also, soy protein may lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other long-term illness.

However, high soy intake possibly lowers testosterone count and increases estrogen. For males, this may cause hormone imbalance, which is an undesirable condition. Also, some research our body cannot utilize most of the soy protein, unlike animal proteins. Although these claims are not entirely proven and different studies are showing inconsistent results.

Make Your Protein Shake

Instead of plainly mixing protein powder and water or milk, you may opt for shakes. For starters, you may fuse together chocolate protein powder and bananas, giving you a delightful drink with more nutritional content. To make them, you need a blender which is convenient for turning solids into liquids. If you wish to purchase one, you may want to read http://www.smoothiemaker.reviews to ensure that you do not miss out on crucial information.


You may build muscles efficiently by adding protein supplements into your diet. Whey protein is fast-acting but only instantaneous, while casein has a slower, but maintained release. Soy, on the other hand, is a good option for vegans. Lastly, making protein shakes require a blender, but it is worth it since you get more options for flavor and nutrition.