Aging Is Inevitable, But You Can Slow it Down

Growing old is inevitable. We will all one day age and die, but advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to slow down the aging process, and now it is easy to influence how early we go. The oldest documented human being lived to be 122 years old, and proponents say that youth […]

Your Kid Also Needs a Bean Bag

We have all concentrated on the adult version of the beanbag and forgotten one crucial group – the baby in the family. The typical scenario in a family is that while everyone is busy enjoying the comfort of a beanbag, the baby is wondering when his will come. Today we look at the different benefits […]

Three Uses of CIJ Ink

Inks used for CIJ printing, or Continous Inkjet printing, have a plus side. Over other kinds of inks, they dry faster, offer better permeability and durability, and flow continuously. And because of this, they are a top choice for all sorts of industrial projects — may they be small or large-scale projects. Here are three […]