Aging Is Inevitable, But You Can Slow it Down

Growing old is inevitable. We will all one day age and die, but advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to slow down the aging process, and now it is easy to influence how early we go.

The oldest documented human being lived to be 122 years old, and proponents say that youth of today can be able to live to 150 years old. However, how does this affect the population? Statistics show that by 2050, the population will be three times more than it is at the time. This is unsustainable and can bring about massive global economic collapse.

Speaking of which, the purpose of anti-aging technologies is to make sure you live longer even when your quality of life is poor. These technologies look at life in a holistic view rather than handling diseases.

The Theories of Aging

Various theories have been put forward to explain why your body ages, and it is good to know these theories so that you understand what you subscribe to.

The Wear and Tear Theory

This is the most common theory and explains that we age because our bodies are worn out as we use them. The toxins that build up in our bodies erode the organs. The damage that is caused by the toxins makes the bodies to work less efficiently and decreases the ability to fight any further conditions.

The Genetic Control Theory

The theory states that we are made to last a specific time on earth, and this is in the genetic makeup. As you live, the genetic material that contains the genes gets damaged. DNA works to replicate and replace the cells, but these break after a while. Additionally, the kind of cells that are replicated do not always become as strong as the replaced cells and lead to the death of cells.

The death of cells leads to diseases, illness and ageing.

This theory is then linked to another theory called the free radical theory. This theory follows on the premise that free radicals are being produced continuously via metabolic processes that work inside our bodies. These free radicals accumulate and lead to the death of cells in the body. Free radicals lead to diseases and other conditions that make it hard for us to survive longer.

In Closing

Now you know what causes aging, and how to try and reduce the rate at which you age.