Apart From The Home, Where Else Can You Use Your Portable Generator?

Portable generators may not be on top of your priority, but you cannot deny that you want one in your home or in your business so you can have a back-up power supply shall brownout occurs. Extreme weather change is one of the reasons why power supply fluctuates, and with portable generator around, you are assured that the comfort in the home or the operations of the business do not get affected by power interruption. Portable generators may have a compact size but it can surely make the essentials function, such as the refrigerator, heater, and lights. The best portable generators are not only used at home and in small businesses. Depending on the wattage of your portable generator, the unit can have other uses and some of which are the following:

  • Off-site job or off-site projects: Projects such as construction require tools and equipment to keep their thing going. However, off-site projects are often not connected to electricity. This is where the portable generator comes in. Portable generators can actually provide sufficient power to make a 30Amp to 50Amp tool function. A generator that has an 8000-watt capacity is enough to provide power to basic tools and equipments needed in the off-site job.
  • Outdoor events: Concerts, promenades, beach party, sports events, and barbeque cookout are only some of the events that are done outdoor. These events require a high power level to be able to make the lights and sounds function, but connecting them all in the main electricity line can really be very dangerous. To avoid power over-loading, portable generator are used in these events to have a split source of power supply. If the equipments needed in these outdoor events, like the musical systems, speakers, and lights, are powered and distributed evenly, there will be a very less probability for brownout and other interruptions.
  • Recreation and outdoor activities: If your family is fond of spending quality time outdoors, a portable generator suits your kind of recreation. Camping and RV road trip are popular choices when it comes to outdoor activities, and if you have a portable generator, you still can enjoy the comforts of having lights, electric fan, and mini-refrigerator even if you are away from home. A small 1000-watt portable generator is good enough to supply power to outdoor recreation.

Commercial use: If you have a small business, you need not worry on its operations shall brownout occur. Because your business establishment has a portable generator, you still can assist your clients and continue with business operations even if there is a power interruption. Consequently, you are able to achieve customer satisfaction and able to generate sales despite the brownout.