Causes Of Back Pains

If you have never suffered from back pains in your life, then you must be the lucky type as it is a common thing that happens to most people. Some take it as just a normal pain that will fade away after some time while to others it can be chronic. If you are one of those who finds it hard to sleep or do daily chores, then your situation requires help from a qualified physician. You should take action before the situation gets out of hand and it affects your spinal cord. The following are some of the most common causes of back pains.

    1. Strained muscles

The kind of pain people suffer from strain differs from one situation to the other. You can strain your muscles during exercises which is common to people who work out on a regular basis. Ensure that you follow the instructor to avoid strain while trying to keep fit. You can also suffer from back pains as a result of carrying heavy luggage. Ensure that you carry luggage that fits your body size and strength. Also, seek aid from others when lifting heavy luggage from the ground. The strain can also come up as a result of awkward or abrupt movement.

    1. Bad sitting and sleeping posture

The posture you hold while working has a direct impact on the health of your back. Always maintain an upright posture and invest in a chair that supports your back. Invest in a good mattress that supports and massages your back muscles and ensures that you have a good night sleep. There are different mattresses that fit varying needs and Anne recommends that you should get one that suits your bodytype. Trying different sleeping postures throughout the night as this helps your muscles to relax. At your place of work, take breaks in between your tasks to ease the strain on your back muscles.

    1. Medical conditions

Sometimes the pain may be from health complications that are beyond your control. A good example is cancer of the spine which develops a tumor on your back. This tumor then presses on your back muscles leading to pain. Patients who suffer from arthritis also complain of back pains once in a while. The pain comes from the joints of the hip and spreads to the knees, hands and finally the back muscles. Some of these back pains will escape once you treat the root disease.