Invsalign – the best method to address different types of teeth irregularities

It is a well known fact that there are many options available to straighten teeth but no other method offers the comfort and convenience that invisalign offers. This procedure does not pose any age constraints and people of all ages can use this method to straighten their teeth. Minimal interference and significant positive impact can always be associated with this unique procedure.

An overview

This procedure takes a highly advanced approach to straightening teeth and it is being done using a series of custom-made aligners. Virtually invisible plastic is used to make these aligners and people have to wear these aligners over their teeth for a stipulated period of time. Over a period of time; these aligners gradually and gently push the teeth into place and people do not have worry about any metal brackets and wires that can be associated with metal braces. Achieving a great smile with minimal interference becomes a reality and it can be described as the best part of this procedure.

Different phases of invisalign treatment

First of all, people have to conduct a detailed discussion with the dentist and during this discussion; the doctor decides the patient is a good candidate for the invisalign treatment. The patient can discuss about the cost involved, insurance schemes and all others concerns with the dentist as well. Secondly, the doctor takes x-rays, pictures and impressions of the teeth and these images are used to make a digital 3-D image of the teeth structure and mouth. Using these images, the dentist designs a fully customized treatment plan for each patient and he/she explains the entire procedure before starting the treatment. Once the treatment plan is designed, a series of specially designed aligners are created using smooth and BPA-free plastic that does not invite any irritation to cheeks and gums and the patient needs to wear these aligners throughout the day. They can be taken out while eating or brushing and since these aligners are invisible, other people will not be able to notice them as well. Based on the progress of the treatment, the dentist decides how long the patient has to undergo invisalign.

Advantages of invisalign

Invisalign offers many more advantages compared to traditional braces and it can be used to address a wide range of issues including spacing, crowding, cross-bite, overbite and under-bite as well. The patient can enjoy whatever food they like because the aligners can be removed quite easily. Since it contains smooth plastic instead of sharp metal, people do not have to worry about cheek or gum irritation and this procedure can also be described as invincible teeth straightening.


The benefits of invisalign cannot be confined to improving the appearance of the teeth and it also offers a good number of health benefits. People can always expect healthier teeth and gum and, the overall health also undergoes tremendous transformation with this procedure. In a nutshell, it can be said that this amazing dental procedure offers improved appearance, better comfort, increased safety, reduced recovery period and enhanced overall health as well. All these benefits play the most important role in making this procedure immensely popular and highly endearing for a huge number of people.


Many people have become ardent fans of the dental procedure known as invisalign. This article talks about the benefits of this procedure and it also covers the different phases of this treatment in a detailed manner.