What Makes an Excellent Plasma Cutter?

Working with brass, aluminum, copper, steel, and other types of metals can help you with a commercial project. On the other hand, cutting, then shaping, these electrically conductive materials can also be challenging – especially if you want to create a precision-grade product.

Fortunately, you can make the job less challenging by getting plasma cutters. Considering the list of factors below can help you choose an excellent one.

Powerful & Top-Notch Functionality

A powerful plasma cutter makes an excellent plasma cutter. And for it to be powerful, it should have a high thickness threshold, feature about 40 to 60 amps, and can deliver a maximum of 65 PSI. With this amount of power, you can work through a range of metals with a cut thickness (maximum) of ½ inch.

Alongside, you would want a plasma cutter with a superb function according to your preferred use – whether for professional use or for home use. With it, you can attend to metalworking with more convenience, accuracy, and speed.

Continuous Arc

An excellent plasma cutter should also allow you to work on metal continuously for at least five minutes. Look for those with a minimum of 50% duty cycle. Out of 10 minutes, a plasma cutter with this duty cycle can work continuously for 5 minutes provided you hold down the trigger during the period.

A Digital Display

You would want one of those plasma cutters with a digital display, too. Those that feature gauges that can assist you in monitoring the cutter’s performance may be relatively costly, but they are worth the extra bucks.  Apart from helping you maintain the correct level of air pressure when working, these plasma cutters with a digital display can also ensure that cuts are clean and free of irregularities. This digital display enables better control, too!


A plasma cutter’s durability is another factor worth considering. If a unit is not durable, it can break mid-course, and thus will ruin the quality of your work. So, prioritize getting a unit that’s incredibly sturdy, made with industry-grade materials, and will not break unexpectedly.

Lightweight, Portable & Features Dual Voltage Settings

Plasma cutters that are lightweight and portable also qualify as excellent plasma cutters. Luckily, plasma cutters that do not weigh over 20 lbs. are available. You should look for this kind especially if your work requires you to travel frequently with the units. Otherwise, carrying them around can be difficult.

And since you need to travel frequently, a plasma cutter that features dual voltage settings is also advantageous. If you go to different international locations, you will appreciate a unit that can handle 110 volts and 120 volts.

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