What To Pay Close Attention To While Marketing On Instagram

Social media marketing is continuing to gain momentum and those who understand the art will benefit a lot in 2018. Instagram is still among the major platforms that are catching business owners’ attention due to its effectiveness in marketing and driving campaigns. The fame of Instagram is not likely to end anytime soon, and those who will use it well will reap huge benefits. The developers, on the other hand, are also working tirelessly to ensure that both customers and business owners have the best experience. Posting on social media needs a strategy for one to experience positive results. The following are simple things that will make your social media campaigns more effective

    • Focus on geotagging and hashtags

Instagram and other social media platforms display the latest posts on the newsfeed. It will thus be very hard for someone to come across a post that you made like six hours ago unless he or she visits your profile. However, you can make your posts more visible by using hashtags and tagging your posts on certain locations. People searching for posts in your location will see your feed. Those who are following hashtags that you are using also have high chances of landing at your posts.

    • Focusing on consistency instead of frequency

If you Google, ‘how many times should I post on Instagram?’ you will get different answers, and everyone will try to justify his or her answer. The fact is that there is no definite answer to this question. What matters most is the consistency of your posts and not the number of posts you make in a day or a week. Developing a content strategy will make it easy for customers to identify your products. You can, for instance, say Monday is dedicated to marketing, Tuesdays for free tips, and Sundays for Q & A session. You can ensure consistency on your posts by using a bot. You can check reviews of bots that you can use to automate your social media campaigns at https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/followliker-review/.

    • Know what appeals to your target market

You may be having products that cater to a wide range of clients. It is thus important to know who you are addressing and the kind of content that appeals to them. The young generation is so much into visual content and infographics and videos will always be their pick. The older generation can use a combination of graphics and text. Instagram’s most active age bracket is between 24-36 years.