Some usefulness of blender you don’t know

A blender is well-known kitchen equipment that is used to blend substances. There are fundamentally two sorts of blenders, counter blenders and stick blenders which are different in terms of quality, design, cost, and capacity. There are likewise blenders that are a piece of multifunction kitchen equipment.

Let’s take a look at some of the usefulness of blender in the kitchen

Almond Milk

For those who love to drink almond milk and would love to make it on their own, then this is indispensable kitchen equipment for you. Blending the almond with your hand might be time-consuming and so hard for you to do but with the use of this blender you can have your Almond milk in some minutes after it has been soaked for hours.


Blender can be used to prepare fresh butter at home. All you have to do is to pour your cream into your blender and keep it running until you can see clearly that the butter is separating.

Leave for some minutes after blending to settle so that the butter can drift to the top and you can thereafter extract the buttermilk. Blend for some minutes again with cold and add all necessary spices to make a flavor able butter


A lot of women today love to utilize blender because it makes work easier for them in the kitchen. It is not news that you can use a blender to blend your soup as some come with different types of blade. Some blade is designed to blend pepper for vegetable while others for soup.

Recently some blenders are produced not only to blend your soup but also to warm and cook soup. So with the use of this device, you can blend and at the same time cook your soup.


As I said earlier in the introductory part of this post that there are some blenders that are a piece of multifunction kitchen equipment. This is exactly what I mean; People who love to make juice at home can also make use of their blender.

This type of blender is called a multipurpose blender; you can blend your vegetable, soup and also blend your juice, therefore reducing your spending on a new juicer. With lots of fake products out there in the market, you have to be careful not to end up buying a low quality blender  and this is why you should trust Blender Friend for quality products.


For lovers of coffee, you can make use of your blender to grind your coffee beans to your own personal taste. The blender makes work easier for you but you will have to operate your blender at the highest speed to adequately blend your coffee to suit you and you can store it in a can until when needed.

Salad making

Whipping your green and lettuce most importantly for those who make salad is much effortless utilizing a kitchen blender. All you have to do is wash your leaves and place them into the blender and grind. The device is specially designed for grinding and it is effective and efficient when blending leaves for salad making.


Apart from using a blender to grind soup, there is other usefulness of blender in the kitchen which has been highlighted for you above.