Three Uses of CIJ Ink

Inks used for CIJ printing, or Continous Inkjet printing, have a plus side. Over other kinds of inks, they dry faster, offer better permeability and durability, and flow continuously.

And because of this, they are a top choice for all sorts of industrial projects — may they be small or large-scale projects.

Here are three uses of CIJ inks.

Make Labels & Decals

Rather than invest in a label-maker, a better idea is to invest in a CIJ ink. To begin, order a supply of CIJ ink. You canĀ get it from

With CIJ ink, you may create labels and decals as much as you want. This adds uniqueness to items such as containers and glass jars. Especially if you’re planning to distribute giveaways to a group of people, making labels and decals for the items gives them a personalized touch.

Just print your preferred words and images on a piece of paper, tape them onto your preferred container, spray with an acrylic seal, and finally submerge it in water for about 10 seconds.

On-Fabric Printing

Another use of CIJ inks is for on-fabric printing. CIJ inks can remain for long. If ordinary home consumer inks are used for this, there’s a high chance of hard-to-clean smears.

The most common on-fabric printing subjects are images, designs, and wordings. Beyond these, there is no limit. Basically, anything that is printable on paper is also printable on a piece of fabric.

Image Transfer to Metals & Wood

You may also transfer images to metals and wood with ink for CIJ printing. Along with the printed image, you need the glossy portion of the paper to commence the transfer.

CIJ inks are solvent-based inks, which mean they reduce the possibility of blurred transfers. With these inks, the transferred images are also difficult — if not, impossible — to erase.

And for the record, metals and wood are not the only surfaces where images are transferable. You can also transfer them to floors, walls, windows, and just about any non-porous surface!

Final Thoughts

Especially if you’re dealing with an exceptionally large project in your hands, CIJ inks are the solution for your printing needs. Imagine if you’re printing a huge banner. Do you think using low-quality non-industrial ink will make the banner aesthetically pleasing?

More likely, it wouldn’t.

With CIJ ink, you can expect high-quality colours on that banner, and these colours won’t negatively impact the images on your banner. In fact, CIJ ink can even make the colours in your project stand out.