The Treadmill: A Beneficial and Convenient Fitness Equipment

Do you need to get in shape but you find it a hassle to go out and exercise? You may find yourself wanting to go for a walk, a jog, or a run, but going outside is dangerous or inappropriate for you. Perhaps the weather may be awful because it’s too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Well, don’t let those reasons stop you because there is always the option of getting a treadmill.

The Ideal Cardio Machine

The most obvious advantage of a treadmill is that it closely mimics running. Also, treadmills burn up the most calories per unit of time compared to other types of cardio equipment. Moreover, you get an overall workout for your entire body, including your upper body. Furthermore, there are lots of variations when it comes to treadmills; you may set up inclines to imitate an uphill run, speed up to emulate sprints, and even include warm-up and cool-down periods. Lastly, walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill has a lesser impact on your feet than on the road.

Which Treadmill Should You Go For

There are many factors to consider when buying a treadmill. It could be your budget, your preferred motor control, size, ergonomics, and even accessories. Treadmill Trends has numerous facts, guides, and reviews for various treadmill models, so check them out.

Minimum Treadmill Size For Your Home

Non-folding treadmills have an average size of 80 inches by 35 inches. Folding treadmills when stored, only have half of their length. Also, walkers should go for a belt length of 50 inches, while runners may need 60 inches.

Manual or Motorized Treadmills

Manual treadmills are quite cheap, so they may not be a bad choice as your first treadmill. Furthermore, they only require minimal maintenance. Electric treadmills, however, have a belt that moves on its own, making it easier for you to run naturally, you don’t have to put your hands on the bars. They also come with various accessories.

Possible Issues To Take Note Of

For someone who is not physically fit or someone who has only returned to exercising recently, treadmills may cause balance issues. Also, running on a treadmill may lead to motion sickness because your eyes are not sending messages that your body is moving. Lastly, treadmills are heavier on the joints so if you have arthritis, then ask for professional advice before you purchase one.