Why home-made fruit juice is better than the outside one

We all love fruit juice, isn’t it? Fruit juice is one food which has almost no negative effect on our health, especially if it is completely natural and home-made.

However, the juice which is available at stores may not be as healthy as the label on its attractive container promises owing to addition of artificial ingredients. The one you make at home is a lot healthier as well as cheaper.

Here are some reasons why home-made juice is healthier than the one available outside:

Freshness: Nothing can beat drinking a glass of juice which has been just prepared. The frozen and canned fruit juices or rather syrups that you buy from outside are hardly fresh and hence not healthy compared to the home variety.

Hygiene: This is another advantage of home-made juice. If you drink fruit juice at roadside shops that prepare a glass instantly, you are making yourself vulnerable to a great many dangers. The fruit may not be fresh and kept in cut condition for a long time; the glasses or cups that you are drinking the juice from may not be clean enough and also there could be excess sugar in the juice, neutralizing its benefits. So why waste money after it and not buy a good fruit juicer for home use? See JuiceCruiser for excellent products to choose from.

Sugar level: Fruits are a natural source of sugar (fructose) and the concentration of fructose in fruits vary. So when you drink fruit juice outside, it invariably contains sugar or artificial sweeteners to make it tastier. And this double sweetness makes the outside juice product a perfect agent to increase your body’s sugar level. At home, you can prepare juice without any sugar and that makes it perfect for your health.

Presence of nutrients: Fruits have fiber and other nutrients in its pulp or skin and when you prepare juice at home, it contains those essential nutrients unlike the juice outside which eliminates them to make the product finer. The lack of fiber and other nutrients deprives you of an essential nutrient.

More antioxidants: Home-made fruit juice contains more antioxidants besides antiviral and anticancer benefits than the commercial ones. Processed juice eliminates these natural properties making the juice virtually useless for you. Fresh and raw apple juice and berry juice has more ellagic acid which is known to provide antioxidant benefits.

Saves energy: You feel good after eating healthy foods and not so good after consuming junk. Your body generally uses energy to convert foods that you eat into liquids for consumption. So when you drink juice, your body skips a step and saves energy. Thus, it requires no mention that the healthier juice you drink, the better you are serve your body in terms of saving energy.

Detoxification: Fresh fruits have glutathione which is an antioxidant which detoxifies your body and improves its immunity. This is not present in processed fruit juices. Hence, to get the benefit of the all-important glutathione, have more home-made fruit products.

Reducing weight: The more unprocessed food you consume, the higher is the chance of your losing weight and reducing blood pressure, particularly if you are overweight. So just like you take enough care of your diet, also ensure that your health drink is more natural and made at home.